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There are two ways that my week of Directors has approached Bibles for the last 20 years. These are certainly not the only ways, but it has worked for us. First we chose a weekly theme, which is usually a Bible verse. After that, we either chose a main principle to deep dive into, or we chose daily Bible lessons that support that theme. For example, our theme might be The Fruits of the Spirit which we would discuss every day in Bibles. Or we might chose Sing to the Lord a New Song for our theme, and then have Bible lessons each day about songs. It is always fun for us to see how our theme evolves as we develop our ideas.

If you are nervous about doing Bibles, perhaps it is the public speaking portion that makes it difficult. One thing that helps me is knowing that we are doing the Lords work, and as long as you let His voice come through your vessel, those campers' lives will be enriched. It doesn't matter if your voice shakes. It doesn't matter if you are a Biblical scholar. What matters is that you share with them about God's love.


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This was a really fun theme! We had Girls Week in 2014, and each day we chose a Princess who exemplified a character trait, and then expounded on that with Bible verses. Here’s a link to our initial outline and notes. We were really lucky! One night, Merida even did Hillside for us! Belle is the Princess of Wisdom. She has a love of knowledge. She may be beautiful, but she doesn’t spend her time maintaining her looks, she prefers reading.   Ariel is the Princess of Sacrifice. She is fearless, adventurous, driven, and ambitious in every way. She knows exactly what she wants in life and isn’t afraid to go after it. But she sacrifices both her voice and her former life as a mermaid to achieve her dreams.   Rapunzel is the Princess of the Power of Healing. She is smart, talented, rebellious, sweet, and kind. When confronted by Mother Gothel in the woods she stands up to her and continues to chase her dreams. Once she achieves her dreams she finds a new one instead of settli

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For this series of Bibles, we chose a Hillside song every day, and then spoke on the theme of that hymn. I’ve listed two full Bibles below this outline, but the general idea is to pick 5 Camp songs and do a Bible on them every day.   I did Bibles on the following two Hillside songs.   For The Beauty of the Earth with Psalm 19:1-6 Trust and Obey with Proverbs 3:5-6 I will update this post with the other songs we used, but I’ve attached the text of my two Bibles. I didn’t read this, really. But I did have the notes so that I hit all the points that I wanted to hit.   Here are two examples of Bibles that week. For The Beauty of the Earth For the beauty of the earth, For the beauty of the skies, For the love which from our birth Over and around us lies, Lord of all, to Thee we raiseThis our hymn of grateful praise. For the wonder of each hour, Of the day and of the night, Hill and vale, and tree and flower, Sun and moon, and stars of light, L