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Fruits of the Spirit

In 2019, our theme of the week was Fruits of the Spirit. For Bible, we chose Grail Characters who we believed exemplified the fruits of the spirit, and then also chose a modern-day figure who exemplified that same fruit. The outline below is from an email where we divided up the fruits and matched them up with the Grail Characters and modern examples. From this, we went on to chose who would do each day and then each person expanded on their own Fruit/Character/Person in their own way.


Sir Bors: a storyteller and historian. As I looked, Sir Galahad was borne into heaven, bearing in his hand the Holy Grail. His fruit is love for his best friend Percival, but for the whole idea of the Quest and its story. Modern: Hamilton and Lin Manuel Miranda


King Arthur - being a leader even when that means to hang back and not go on the Quest - who gathered around him the fairest fellowship and the truest knighthood in all the world and charged them: “never do wrong to rich or poor, and that ye always be true; never be cruel, but show mercy to all who ask it; to take no battle in wrongful quarrel or for this world’s goods; and to serve God forevermore.” His fruits are peace and gentleness. Modern?


Sir Kay - sacrificed the great desire of his heart--the seeking of the Holy Grail--to be Gareth’s master and train him as a knight for an entire year. His fruit is kindness.

Gareth, the Youth - his year of service has not been in vain and he is a stronger man for it. His fruit is patience.

Modern Obi-Wan Kenobi, or someone better Seth can think of?


Sir Gawain, knight of the singing heart - he wandered far and fought many battles, but failed. King and Queen’s hearts are sore for him. His fruit is joy.

Sir Tristam, most handsome of knights - Many a dragon did he slay, the greatest being within himself, but he did not found that which he sought. Even though he did not reached the highest goal, Sir Tristam, succeeded more than he thought. His fruit is self-control.

Sir Bedivere, most loyal and steadfast of knights - He went through many a desert place and crossed many a snow-capped mountain, but saw nothing of the Grail. Arthur and Guinevere grieve with Sir Bedivere. His fruit is faithfulness.

Modern: JK Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, and Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga) All females for a girls camp


Sir Percival, Dreamer, inspirer, noblest of knights and truest of friends. However, one day as our battle waxed hot, Sir Percival fell wounded from his horse. We carried him to a monastery nearby, and there we cared for him night and day--always by his side. In spite of our care, he grew weaker and weaker, and one morning just at dawn a holy glow filled his room and we knew Sir Percival was no more. His fruit is generosity for sharing that they had all dreamed of a vision that called them to seek the Holy Grail. Modern: compare to MLK, Jr.


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